• Support Respiratory Health*
  • Support Healthy Mucus Production*
  • Made with essential oils*
  • Support Sinus Health*

Healthy Respiratory System

Sometimes we take our lungs for granted. They keep us alive. That is why it is important to prioritize your lung health – especially nowadays

Natural Congestion Relief

The bioactive ingredients of Myrtol® 300 are absorbed and transported via the blood to the finest branches of the bronchi and sinuses

Fast Acting Herbal Supplement

Outside factors, such as airborne irritants like dust or smoke as well as dry air, can disrupt the defense system in your lung

Myrtol 300

is made with a mixture of essential oils including eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon that work together to bring relief from congestion and seasonal discomfort



Breathe freely… with Myrtol® 300

Created by Pohl Boskamp, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, founded in 1835 with popular brands in 50 countries around the world, Myrtol® 300 sells more than 250 million capsules per year internationally.  Millions of people trust Myrtol® 300 to support healthy mucus production.

For more than 40 years Europeans have been using a secret to help support healthy sinus function

Myrtol® 300 provides lung and sinus support, that helps clear and maintain a healthy respiratory tract. And because it’s a dietary supplement, it’s available in America without a prescription.


Now Available in the United States… without a prescription

Myrtol® 300 is now available in major drug stores nationwide and does NOT require a prescription. Or order online now at www.Myrtol300.com to be one of the first Americans to try Europe’s best kept “secret” – and breathe freely… with Myrtol® 300.