With more than 250 million capsules sold per year internationally, millions trust Myrtol 300

  • Support Respiratory Health*
  • Support Healthy Mucus Production*
  • Support Respiratory Health*
  • Support Sinus Health*
Maintaining Sinus and Respiratory Health for More Than 40 Years

For more than 40 years Europeans have been using a secret to help support healthy sinus function … a secret that was not available in the US. Until now.

Known as the “German Pill” with a funny name… Myrtol® 300 helps support a healthy respiratory system and helps soothe coughs due to throat irritation.

Myrtol® 300 provides lung and sinus support, that helps clear and maintain a healthy respiratory tract. And because it’s a dietary supplement, it’s available in America without a prescription.

How it works?

Aids in maintaining respiratory health

Helps support healthy mucus production

Breathe freely… with Myrtol® 300

Created by Pohl Boskamp, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, founded in 1835 with popular brands in 50 countries around the world, Myrtol® 300 sells more than 250 million capsules per year internationally.  Millions of people trust Myrtol® 300 to support healthy mucus production.

Use Myrtol® 300 at the first signs of a sinus or lung congestion

If after using Myrtol® 300 two times a day for ten days, you do not feel a marked difference in your sinus and respiratory health – we will refund the money you paid – guaranteed.


Now Available in the United States… without a prescription

Myrtol® 300 is now available in major drug stores nationwide and does NOT require a prescription. Or order online now at www.Myrtol300.com to be one of the first Americans to try Europe’s best kept “secret” – and breathe freely… with Myrtol® 300.