Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myrtol® 300?

Myrtol® 300 is a composition of specific plant-derived essential oils and has been used safely and effectively for over 40 years.

What makes Myrtol® 300 different?

Each capsule of Myrtol® 300 contains d-EOLM (Proprietary Blend) – a proprietary blend of distilled essential oils of eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemon and myrtle – which together have a mucolytic effect that supports healthy mucus production and expectoration.

When should I take Myrtol® 300?

Take Myrtol® 300 at the first signs of sinus or lung congestion.

Directions for Use?

Adults take up to 2 capsules per day for up to 4 weeks. After a one-week break, you can repeat directions. Take 30 minutes before a meal with an ample amount of cold liquid.

Does Myrtol® 300 require a prescription?

No. Myrtol® 300 is available as a dietary supplement in the United States.

Is Myrtol® 300 safe?

Yes. Myrtol® 300 is a natural product and contains only essential oil distillates that are GRAS or Generally Regarded as Safe and carry no risk of harmful side effects.

Can Myrtol® 300 be used by pregnant or nursing women?

Consult a healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant, lactating, or taking other medications. Those breastfeeding should consider that Myrtol® 300 may pass into the breast milk due to its lipophilic properties.

Please consult a doctor if nursing.

Where is Myrtol® 300 manufactured?

Myrtol® 300 is made in Germany.